Threshold & How it Works

The HypoBand as a pre-set threshold as follows:-

RH%:           ≥ 80% (equal to and greater than)
Skin temp:    ≤ 30.5% (equal to and lesser than)

The HypoBand will activate when the two (2) pre-set readings are simultaneously met.

If the HypoBand activates, but upon testing your blood glucose you are within your range, this is a false positive alert.  The threshold needs to change on the HypoBand via the HB App.

As the threshold is determined by your medical condition, medication and how long you have lived with diabetes, we recommend wearing the HypoBand paired to the HB App during the day time, whilst watching TV and with no activity.

Monitor via the HB App your RH% and skin temp. This will give an indication of the two (2) readings, while at rest.

Step by Step to Change Threshold

We recommend changing the Skin Temp threshold first and lower no more than 2 celsius below the reading while at rest.

Advice Card

1st Time Users:

If you experience a low and the HypoBand does not activate or activates and the BG reading is within your range, please do not panic.

  • Reconnect the HypoBand and continue to wear,
  • Ensure that you see the USERNAME on the HB App (iPhone users only).

 Inform HypoBand UK advising the following details:

  • Blood glucose reading.
  • Date and time,

Thresholds of HypoBand can be adjusted. As diabetics we are all unique, with our medication, awareness and control.

Hypoband is a simple, lightweight and practical solution to manage your hypoglycemia. It is connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth within the radius of 10 meters.

It measures your skin’s humidity and temperature levels, upon detecting cold sweat, up to 3 phones calls are triggered, alerting caregivers to come to your aid.

For indoor use only, Hypoband detects cold sweat during the day or night when you’re in deep sleep and unable to treat yourself during hypo.

Hypoband gives you a greater peace of mind, better night’s sleep with increased productivity at work and reduced anxiety. Hospitalisations due to nocturnal hypos will be a memory of the past.


Compatible from iOS 8.0 and above              Bluetooth Smart Ready 4.0 (BT4.0)

For iPhone users, no SIM card is required. However, Wi-Fi is essential and the login and password to the Hypoband App is compulsory to make the call to your caregivers or family member.

Please view ‘iPhone Full Manual’ for full instructions.

Compatibility for Android users is 4.4  (OS version) and above.             Bluetooth Smart Ready 4.0 (BT4.0)

For Android users, a SIM card is required to make a call to your caregivers or family member. However to retrieve your data, Wi-Fi is essential and the login and password to the Hypoband App is compulsory.

Please view ‘How to check the Android Version’

Please view ‘Android Full Manual’ for full instructions