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I am a "brittle" diabetic and can swing from high to low within an hour. Since using Hypoband it has triggered many times, and my BG was around 3.1 – 2.1 mmol/l. Good news, no more A&E and the anxiety of being in a diabetic coma feels like a distant memory.

Brian C – Manchester (Type 1 of 25 years)

Last year whilst on holiday in Morocco I suffered from a severe hypo and resulted in a 24 hour stay in hospital. This spoilt the remainder of the holiday for us. Our lovely holiday was ruined because of my hypo. Even when we returned, the added stress of all the forms for the insurance just finished us all off. 

Thank god I took the plunge and bought a Hypoband before our 2nd trip. Because I had a night time hypo but this time, my partner woke me up. My BG was 2.6 mmol/l.

Ms. J Keane – Herefordshire (Type 1 of 8 years)

I used the Hypoband the first couple of nights and had a hypo on one occasion, VERY impressed as text sent straight to my husband's phone and he phoned me until I woke up and my blood sugar level was 1.9. 

Gave my sister a shot of the Hypoband and it woke her up twice with low levels.

We are both very pleased with the Hypoband and sister is now thinking about purchasing one for herself.

Ms. Maria H. (Type 1)